Sunday, 26 May 2013

Cant Still alive without frnds

I was still alone at the first day in my office and really looking for someone who understand me at this time because I am really quite nervous about that what would be happened after that how’s they treat me. After few minute I realize that some people also feel just like me. And you better know that these kind of people always understand to each other because of all of there are scare and these all people make the different-2 idea’s in there mind..
At this situation I mate the people named as Akash. He always say that just pronounce my name with Single A and he is fast forward to all of us to make contact with there seniors infact to take the sutta with them and a very sweet girl khushbu. She also says that don’t write her name khushboo its just khushbu. these both  guys from the same college and join the same company and also on same profile..
She is very interest and unlucky girls. Whenever she does a stupid thing someone always notice her activity. like the whole It department talk to each other about her “Yaar o pair se maar k kebal nikal deti hai aur bolti hai sir system nahi chal raha..:P
  And now a very-very sweet and cute girl Parul.. she Always engaged in their work lives. Even she doesn’t  have time to take her lunch. She look like a kid but she very intelligent and honest about her work..i think she little bit a kid…:P
The guys which I really like him Prasanjeet. I dnt have words about him but I try to wrote same thing about him. The one thing, is nice about him that he ask me any questions before m answered his questions  he told me just do it in short dude. he just call  me that u r like Laxmi Narayan of ONE TWO THREE.

And And And the guys is always in silent mode like Mr.manmohan singh .

Any guess?????
Yes !! he is Salimuddin he naver say anything about the anything that’s y m wrote anything about anything..

And one thing common in all of us that “Yaar mujhe to kaam hi nahi diya unhoone tujhe to kuch mil bhi gya hai”

“I want all of you, forever, you all and me, everyday and ever” 
I hear your name, in certain circles
And it always makes me smile
I spend my time, thing about you all guys.

Just be as you are because no one can fullfil your space in the world for me.

Log manzil ko muskil samjte hai,
Hum muskil ko manzil samjte hai,Bada fark hai logo me or hum mai,Log zindgi ko dost or hum dost ko zindgi samjhte hai…

Love You all..:D


  1. Most memorable blog and really special blog for all our co-mates.....
    Enjoy E-BIX and enjoy your life.....
    Thanks Nilesh

  2. Awesome blog nilesh.. You are sweet too.. Par dose tme pe dete rhna sabko..